If your multi-housing unit’s curb appeal is lacking, a new coat of paint is often the simple solution to both problems. Our painters can transform the unit’s appearance from plain to picturesque, and a fresh interior color scheme can energize the dullest of spaces. The professionals at Schoenfelder Painting will make an apartment, student housing complex, or senior living community look amazing — both inside and out. Contact us at (952) 345-2901 for a free estimate.

  • Interior Painters: Interior colors chosen determine ambiance and can even affect moods. Periodically renovating it not only beautifies all areas and spaces, but also increases its value. Whether you prefer muted tones or bold splashes of color, we’ll help you achieve the perfect look in each room or space.

  • Wall Painting: Our teams specialize in painting interior walls flawlessly. All of our workers have been professionally trained and tested to ensure they can meet our high standards. We’re also up-to-date on the newest trends, paint brands, and application styles. Our professional painters can do everything from unique ceiling textures to faux-finish walls.

  • Accent Painting: Walls aren’t the only reason you may need a painter. We can also refinish, stain, or paint kitchen cabinets, breakfast bars, baseboards, and other woodwork. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new cabinets, many of our clients have us refinish their existing ones with a new lacquer, enamel, or glaze. This gives them the brand-new look they want for just a fraction of the price.

  • Exterior Painters: Whether you want a muted tone that blends in with the feel of the city or a sky blue color that pops, our exterior painting teams will create the right scheme. We’re also skilled at painting siding and stucco.

  • Painting beyond the Walls: Walls aren’t the only things that need to be freshened up over the years. Decks, terraces, and other outdoor community spaces should all be properly stained and sealed to stay beautiful and to withstand the outdoor elements. On average, outdoor wooden surfaces need to be stained every 1–5 years. The frequency depends on several factors such as wood type, sealant, and usage. Our exterior painting contractors can seal, stain, and refinish a deck to keep it looking its best. Before we stain it, we also complete any needed prep work, such as power washing the surface or replacing rotten boards.

Award-Winning Painters

Ever since opening in 1991, Schoenfelder Painting has been a leader in the industry. We even won the 2007 Builders Association of the Twin Cities Trillium Award for Best Interior in the $1 million–$1.5 million category.

We uphold our high standards through our training facility, and keep our dedication to high-quality work as one of our main priorities. Every new employee must undergo extensive training and testing on painting techniques and styles before we allow them to work on our clients’ properties. When you hire us, you’ll never receive mediocre work, and that has separated us from the rest of the painting companies. We’re dedicated to the following tenets:

  • Total Quality Management

We base our success for every single job on one judgment: yours. Over 85 percent of our clients are “extremely pleased” with our work.

  • Training Facility

Before our new employees are allowed to work, we teach and test them in our innovative training facility. We don’t allow an interior painter to “learn on the job” because that sacrifices quality.

  • Preparation Work

Paint isn’t meant to conceal flaws. Before we begin painting, we prep the walls to ensure they’re ready. This process often includes repairing drywall, removing texture, and completing any other needed maintenance.

  • Woodwork Painting

Our painters are trained in the art of staining, sealing, varnishing, and enameling wood. From restoring antique cabinets to refinishing outdoor decks and patios, our professionals ensure that every surface looks its best.

Our crews have the ability to update any surface. Let the first impression of your complex be remembered for all the right reasons.

At Schoenfelder Painting, we look forward to beautifying, protecting, and upgrading any property whether it’s a college dorm, hotel, or shopping complex. We are located in Minnetonka, MN and serve everywhere nationwide. Contact us at (952) 345-2901 for a free estimate. In addition to painting, we also offer commercial renovation services.