Do you want inexperienced painters working on your home, business, or hotel? Most painting companies have their new employees learn on the job by trial and error. Unfortunately, these “errors” could mess up your property.

When you want professional painters, contact Schoenfelder Painting at (952) 345-2901 for a free quote. In order to give you the highest quality of commercial painting and multi-housing painting services, we don’t let our new employees learn on the job. Instead, we teach them everything from basic painting skills to complicated application techniques at our 5,000 square-foot training facility in Minnesota.

Our Innovative Training Facility

Our training center has various stations that replicate different job sites. To ensuring our employees master all of these techniques, we have detailed expectations for speed and quality. In order to be pro painters, they must prove that they can meet and exceed our expectations, so we train and test all of our employees on the following professional painting skills:

  • Exterior Walls: We have two 12-by-40 walls constructed with three different types of siding materials (HardiePlank® lap, T-111, and cedar shakes). Our painters practice until they’ve mastered the varying application techniques for each.

  • Interior Walls: Our interior wall is 8 feet by 80 feet, and it even has pseudo windows and doors to simulate the inside of a real home or business. We use this wall to teach them various painting styles, as well as how to choose the right painting tools.

  • Drywall: Most painters aren’t skilled at repairing drywall, even though it’s an essential skill in our trade. After vandalizing our interior wall, we teach our workers how to repair the dents and holes efficiently.

  • Textured Ceilings: Repairing a textured ceiling requires different application techniques than mending a drywall does. We have a 12-by-11 room with an eight-foot textured ceiling where we teach how to properly blend ceiling textures — a skill that’s very rare in the painting industry. This room is also furnished with carpet and furniture so our employees learn how to work correctly in a home setting.

  • Decks: It takes a lot of practice to make staining look natural, so we built a large deck in our training facility. It’s made of two different types of wood and three types of spindles. Every professional painter graduates from our training program able to proficiently refinish a deck.

  • Cabinets: The last — and most challenging — skill we teach at the center is cabinet refinishing. We have a mock kitchen filled with cabinets where our employees learn the art of staining, sealing, varnishing, and enameling by hand and with sprayers. Their training isn’t complete until they can make a cabinet feel like glass.

The Schoenfelder Difference

At Schoenfelder Painting, our goal is to leave all of our customers “extremely satisfied” with our work. In order to do that, we arrive with the most professional painters in the market. While all of the training we do is expensive, we’ve found that mistakes are more expensive. This training actually decreases mistakes by approximately 20 percent. Your projects are too important to be used as classrooms.

When you want unrivaled quality, call us at (952) 345-2901. For more information, tour our training facility in Minnesota. In addition to painting, we also offer remodeling services.