About Us

Schoenfelder Painting is an outstanding painting company that was founded by Mark Schoenfelder in 1991. Originally, we started with small painting jobs near Minneapolis and St. Paul. Now, however, we do house painting for residents throughout Minnesota and commercial painting for large enterprises nationwide.

The success of Schoenfelder Painting is a tribute to what hard work, high-quality services, and extraordinary customer service can do. Contact us today at (952) 345-2901 to discuss what we can do for your property.

Total Quality Management

From the beginning, Schoenfelder Painting was different from the other painting companies in Minnesota. Instead of spending money on advertising, we focused on doing an exceptional job for our customers. We only employed a few painters, but they all had extensive experience and a reputation for surpassing expectations.

One of our bedrock tenants has always been “total quality management.” This concept is about providing a high-quality experience for our customers in all aspects of the job. Simply put, in total quality management, the customer defines quality. At the end of each project, our clients rate our work. If the customer is “extremely pleased,” the entire work crew receives a bonus. This concept is revolutionizing the painting industry — which is notorious for having very subjective standards.

Schoenfelder believed that the company would grow as the testimonials of “extremely pleased” customers spread, and that’s exactly what happened. In fact, we’ve now completed over 8,000 projects, and over 85 percent of our clients sign off as “extremely pleased.”

Dedicated Training

As our painting business began to grow, we needed more workers. Like most companies, we hired new painters and tried to do on-the-job training. However, we quickly realized that untrained painters make costly and time-consuming mistakes. We needed a way to train new painters without sacrificing the quality of our jobs.

Shortly after this realization, we purchased a warehouse in Minnetonka and filled it with huge interior and exterior walls that our painters could train on. We also added deck and kitchen training centers to refine woodworking techniques. We’ve transformed countless novices into professional painters at this facility.

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Professional Painting Matters

Complete commitment to quality makes a big difference. An example of this is the Creekside Townhomes complex in Plymouth, MN.

Creekside originally hired a local painter to paint six buildings on the property. In a rush to finish the job, the workers didn’t do any prep work before painting. Six months later, all the paint was peeling and the painters refused to honor their warranty. Creekside heard about our quality paint services and called us.

While our price was similar to the contractor before us, our quality of work was vastly different. Creekside was so impressed with our work that they hired us to paint an additional 1,100 windows on the property, and then hired us back to do six buildings each year. We have now completed the entire association, and the whole property looks stunning.

Professional Affiliations

As a certified, licensed firm, we’re affiliated with the following organizations:

Over two decades later, we still hold to our founding principles: total quality management, extensive training, and complete customer satisfaction.

To get a free estimate for your property, contact us at (952) 345-2901. In addition to painting, we also do remodeling. Schoenfelderpainting.com looks forward to serving you!

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