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Whether you own a business in need of a new coat or two of paint, or simply want to spice up your home’s interior, Schoenfelder Painting is here to get the job done. Our painting contractors work throughout the state of Minnesota, and we have experience perfecting homes and businesses in Edina, St Paul, and Minnetonka, among others.

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Don’t let those faded colors wash over you each morning; instead, contact our professional painters at (952) 345-2901 to invigorate your entire living and working space. As listed above, we provide painting services to all of Edina and the surrounding MN areas.

Edina Interior and Exterior Painting

Your choice in paint color on the outside of your home is as big an indicator of your taste as it is on the inside. That’s why we’ve become especially adept at painting both the inside and outside of homes. Homeowners all over Minnesota — and especially in Edina itself — have used us to prime, paint, and glaze their homes for years. As one of the premier Edina painting companies, we’ve completed thousands upon thousands of projects with nary a false brush stroke or inferior roll. Call our painting contractors to take that next step toward perfection!

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Edina Commercial Painting

Customers will absolutely turn away from a business if their building doesn’t meet or exceed expectations. It’s a fact; but just because statistics are against the vast majority of businesses doesn’t mean you need to be relegated to follow the masses. Instead, add some curb appeal with a fresh coat (or coats) of paint. Our expert painters get to work by assessing the project, finding the perfect color to match your personality and needs, and then applying those colors to perfection. Don’t waver on the line between success and failure any longer!

As experienced commercial painters, we have worked on all types of buildings, including chain retail stores, hotels, offices, municipal and city buildings, restaurants, local businesses, and even apartment and condo complexes. We’d be privileged to speak with you regarding your next business upgrade. Call us at (952) 345-2901 to speak to a painting contractor in Edina.

Edina Renovation Service

In addition to painting, we are also a full-service general contractor that has experience in both residential and commercial remodeling/renovating. Our dedication is what sets us apart, yet we also follow the old adage of “treat others as you’d like to be treated.” That is, we make sure our final results are what we’d expect for our own personal projects.

Located in Minnetonka, our painting company serves all of Edina and the rest of Minnesota. Call us when you’re ready to update your home or business at (952) 345-2901 and let’s chat!