Purchasing an old home can be an exciting endeavor, but it can also be a daunting task to update the appearance of the interior and exterior. While repairs are straightforward, technical, and boring, renovations can be a fun time for you to personalize your property in Minnesota.

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When choosing colors, it’s best to keep it simple to avoid overdoing it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with an exterior paint scheme. At Schoenfelder Painting, our contractors offer the following ideas for your next house painting project:
  • The Red Scheme: One option for revamping your home is brick-red siding with taupe trim and black accents. This array of colors adds rustic charm to the exterior and especially complements Victorian homes.
  • The Sage Scheme: If you want to go with an understated look, try a sage scheme. A muted green-base color looks attractive paired with off-white trim and red accents.
  • The Mustard Scheme: This scheme was popular back in the late 19th century and remains a trendy choice among homeowners. The mustard scheme features cream-color trim and black accents, giving the house a unique yet neutral appearance.
  • The Yellow Scheme: As a bright and cheerful option, yellow houses are typically accented with cream and black. Some people even find that painting the door red looks good with a yellow scheme.
Are you interested in getting a preview of these different schemes? You can use photo-editing software in order to get a better sense of what your home would look like in real life. You can also paint large swatches on the side of your house to see which one you like the best. We hope that these suggestions will help you when you’re selecting a color for your Minnesota home. Feel free to contact us at (952) 345-2901 to discuss your vision with one of our experienced contractors. We’re more than happy to help our customers achieve their dream home.