When spring rolls around, many Minnesota homeowners choose to put their houses on the market. So what’s going to set your house apart from the other three for sale on your block? Real estate experts say that curb appeal—the way your house looks from the street—is often a determining factor in whether potential homebuyers get beyond the front door. One way to dress up the outside of your home is with exterior painting. We at Schoenfelder Painting know that just the right paint color can transform your home, giving you the real-estate edge. Our professional painting team can help you determine paint colors and look for ways to make your home more marketable. curb appeal From stucco to siding, we have vast experience painting a variety of exteriors and home styles. When assessing your painting needs, check the following exterior areas of your Minnesota home thoroughly:
  • Siding
  • Trim & eaves
  • Deck
  • Porch
  • Front Door
A thorough assessment can help you and our professional painting contractors develop a design scheme and plan for getting the job done. Also, be sure to note that our exterior home painters can also stain, seal, and finish any deck, terrace, or natural wood siding—giving every detail of your home a polished look. Make your property stand out with residential exterior painting from Schoenfelder Painting! We serve communities throughout Minnesota, so contact us today at (952) 345-2901 to schedule an exterior-painting consultation and to get a free quote. photo credit: House, Property, Real Estate For Sale Sign via photopin (license)