At Schoenfelder Painting, we want to offer our commercial painting clients the very best in service and paint quality. Toward that end, we are a Coraflon®-certified painter. Coraflon® is a specialty paint that offers the following benefits to our commercial clients wanting to restore their properties.

1. Bonds to many metallic surfaces.

Coraflon® ADS is specially formulated paint for use on metallic surfaces such as aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, previously coated metal, PVDF coated metal, and more. We have seen this brand of paint work wonders on commercial buildings.

2. Provides great protection.

This exterior commercial paint has superior performance and resistance to weathering, chalking, scratches, as well as ultraviolet light.

3. Minimizes your costs.

Because Coraflon® ADS has an extended life cycle, it can save you money by prolonging building life as well as reducing your ongoing maintenance costs. Additionally, a coating of Coraflon® ADS has been known to save business owners money by helping them avoid high-cost renovations or repairs.

4. Available in multiple colors.

When you choose Coraflon®, you aren’t limiting yourself to only a few colors. This specially formulated paint gives you a wide color selection, so you can decide what’s best for your commercial property.

5. Leaves your building with a superior finish.

After our professional painters finish painting your property with Coraflon® ADS, it will look like new. Its finish provides unbeatable aesthetic appeal and durability. Coraflon® is available only through professional, Coraflon®-certified painters like Schoenfelder Painting. We recommend this paint because of its ability to maintain color and durability over time. To ask about commercial painting services or to get a quote, contact Schoenfelder Painting of Minnesota at 952-345-2901.