Commercial Painting St. PaulWhen you’re having a business remodeled in St. Paul, you may be dealing with a range of commercial improvements. From a new layout design to window replacements, a remodeling project can enhance the professional appearance of your business. One of the best improvements for a business is not even an extensive or costly project – just a simple change of color on the walls can have a dramatic effect!

Why are commercial painting services so important for a business renovation? The answer has to do with color psychology and how colors send a subliminal message to employees and clients. If the paint in your office space is dull and fading, a commercial painter from Schoenfelder Painting can revitalize the reception area, office space, and training rooms with the appropriate color scheme.

The Reception Area

As the first point of contact for a business, a reception area should make a positive impression on visitors. Peaches, yellows, and corals give people a warm, welcoming feeling. However, these colors may not be the best option if the reception area functions as a waiting room for doctors or dentists. If your reception area is typically full of anxious people, walls that are painted green or blue will calm them.

General Office Space

With an office space, it’s important to know what message you want your staff to receive. Cool tones exude a calm atmosphere, whereas warm tones give off an energetic and productive vibe. Call (952) 345-2901 to discuss ideas with one of our commercial painters for color schemes in your office space.

Training and Lecture Rooms

As we’ve mentioned before, cool colors are especially great for creating a calm environment. Turquoise is a perfect choice for calming the nerves of the most anxious public speaker or new employee-in-training. Studies show that a pop of yellow will even help trainees retain more information.

For more information about the best color schemes for your home or business in St. Paul, refer to our blog to view additional posts.